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Small or large, on-site, hybrid, or remote, we can develop various pricing solutions to meet your specific requirements. Because no two events are the same, our pricing is tailored to your unique needs.

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    Your event fully personalized!

    Your own event URL = Engaging Virtual & Hybrid events

    Mobile App

    Interactive mobile app to help you increase audience engagement. Your attendees can watch sessions, join circles, interact with speakers and more..

    Native Video Streaming

    100% native streaming, no need to integrate other platforms or ask your speakers to download different apps.

    Ticketing & Registration

    Customizable registration and ticketing system fully integrated with the virtual experience. Reliable payment gateway to collect attendees data and sell tickets.

    Sessions Recordings

    All sessions are automatically recorded and available to download right after each session ends. You are in control and you own your event recordings.

    Speakers Backstage

    The event backstage is where you can prep your speakers, introduce them to each other, and help them mic-up to start their live session.

    Analytics & Reports

    Realtime dashboard to track your event’s success. Track active users, top speakers, sessions ratings and more.

    Public or Private Events

    Works perfectly for public consumer events, invitation only events, or private corporate events. We take your event’s data security and privacy very seriously.

    Unlimited Concurrent Sessions

    Multiple days, multiple tracks and as many concurrent sessions as you want. Easy to navigate agenda with multiple filters by track, tag keywords or session type.

    Interactive Sessions

    Reliable HD sessions streaming with Polls, Q&A, live chat and reactions to help your speakers deliver interactive sessions.

    Networking Hub

    Attendees can network with each other through live chat or video meetings. Our matchmaking algorithm makes it easy to find and connect with relevant attendees.

    Sponsors & Exhibitors ROI

    Increase exhibitors ROI with different virtual booths options. Auto-play videos, call-to-action button, live chatting with team members and live streaming via booth circles.

    Robust Exhibitors Portal

    Your exhibitors are in control. They can customize their own virtual booth, invite team members to represent the company online and receive live analytics directly on their portal.

    Events like never before

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