Virtual event planning has become very difficult during covid times. Circumstances caused by the pandemic forced event planners to get creative and find new ways to function. And in most cases, they understood that creativity is the main feature of event planners.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a change in the lifestyle of all of us. School life, work, entertainment, and businesses operate now in a different way. Planning events is deeply affected because holding an event means gathering people that is neither suggestible nor permissible in a pandemic condition like Covid-19 due to the degree of spread of the virus.

Even though in the beginning, the pandemic came as a gloomy storm for event planners. It seems that the virtual world has allowed them not only to keep the events alive but also to increase the audience.

According to Bizzabo statistics of 2020, -93% of event professionals plan to invest in virtual events moving ahead.

– 80.2% of event organizers were capable of reaching a wider audience with virtual events.

-63% of organizations are moving to digital organizations or events.

However, the difficulties in maintaining the quality of an event that would take place in the terrain but now is going to take place online are numerous.

As for the future, it seems that even after the Pandemic, online events will continue to develop. It seems that for everything that can be done in reality, we will invent a way to do it in virtual reality as well.

According to Bizzabo statistics of 2020, 68% of event professionals look for hybrid event technology that encourages both in-person and virtual events.

It is in human nature to adapt to change, and this has happened with the way events began to be planned during the covid-19 pandemic, a trend that seems to continue after the pandemic. Humans need to unite with other people, so even though it seemed that events would have been almost destroyed during the pandemic, they have adapted to change and found a way to survive and function successfully. 

Most of the events, especially during strict quarantine, are canceled or held online. In terms of smaller events, such as gatherings or official and political gatherings with few people, most of them have been developed by adhering to measures against covid-19, such as wearing a mask and keeping a distance. Concert halls, cinemas, and conferences have been left empty for many months. Work conferences have begun to take place online, and even planned online music shows have even taken place. So the events have taken on a virtual nature.

Most event organizers have begun to adapt to the new way of life after Covid-19. The overwhelming majority of planners will invest in virtual events moving forward.

New virtual platforms have been created to adapt to specific events. At Momento, we created a virtual and hybrid event platform with both in-person and virtual participants, some companies set up live streaming abilities. We also know the importance of creating the back end of virtual events and have created virtual technical platforms for webinars, speakers series, job fairs, conferences and any kind of virtual event. Our platform platform is easy to use and allow companies to focus on their presentation.

You can now plan virtual events with guaranteed success and quality through our Momento Live platform.. Request a Free Demo now, and learn more about us.

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