Momento event app made our V2 Pitch competition event a high success. We saved hundreds of dollars having a digital agenda.

Regina Bernal – Entrepreneurship Manager at USD

The V2 Pitch Competition is the most important event for young entrepreneurs organized by the school of Business at the University of San Diego, and is attended by teams from schools all over the World as well as the students of the school and staff. Inspired by their paperless approach and environmental awareness, they decided in 2018 to stop printing the agenda and digitalize the event through a native app. “There are a lot of sessions, possible changes… it’s vital to have an app for this kind of events”, says Regina Bernal, although she admits that the solution they hired back then was a “quite basic” one.

After many editions, they considered that it was time to go one step further and try Momento’s native app. Regina doesn’t hesitate when comparing it to their previous solution: “Yours is much more complete, more sophisticated, with a more intuitive navigation, more simple, and with a good layout of every section”, she says. “We’ve improved in timing, quality and overall experience”.

The Networking plan was the preferred option for this event, because it enhances attendees’ participation through a comment wall and private messaging, which is key in this kind of meetings. Besides, polls kept running on the app for the whole duration of the event, where attendees selected the best projects among the presentations. “In general terms it’s been a success”, says Regina. “The team liked better this app than the one they had been using, they believe it’s much more attractive”.

In this sense, Regina underlines the importance of aesthetics and user experience because “we get easily tired and have a tendency to avoid applications in general”. This is one of the reasons that made IE think of evenTwo as an ideal event app provider: “When an application, like yours, is simple, easy, intuitive and attractive, we achieve a more pleasant experience”.

Finally, she highlights the service, which in the case of Momento she describes as “impeccable”, and explains: “The attention, the quick response of our e-mails, the friendliness, the professionality… Super good, a 10 out of 10”.