Having exciting content, get the right virtual platform, use passionate speakers and use interactive features are just some ideas that could improve your upcoming virtual event.

If you recently got a virtual event after sitting out the pandemic you might be missing out on some easy ways to get more done and faster. Virtual events have a bunch of “hidden” options that help you do things like bringing people from all over the world together, find widgets that show snapshots in real time, or turn screens, menus, chats on and off. 

They are hidden because event attendees will not know the “making of” platforms, they will only enjoy the experience. And the creators of this kind of tools too.

How to get audience with a single «click»

Maybe you have a big virtual event. Or maybe you have small one. Either way, you can make the audience want to interact and participate as if it were a face-to-face event. But, how? 

Are you the programme producer?. Of course

You probably already know how to swipe up and down from the platform but, who is in remote control of the event?

Working effectively with your speakers means that your attendee engagement levels are likely to increase. This in turn should mean a stronger ROI and that would be a good result.

Getting the programme absolutely right takes skill and experience. You will be acutely aware that too much content is likely to lead to your delegates to look for escape routes of session changes, lunch and comfort breaks. However, too little content and you run the risk of them deciding there is not enough for them to take the time to participate.

It’s a fine balance that you need to deliver and that is where good design skills will help. This is why it’s critical that the speakers deliver precisely what you need. Directing your speakers may feel uncomfortable at first but it is necessary. After all, you are not stage managing an event, but creating a virtual production. Therefore,you need to take control as a producer and not as a planner. 

A number of speakers will be happy for you to direct them. If you both communicate clearly you will be well on the path to producing a very successful virtual event.

To manage what appears in Control Center, do this:

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