How does Momento work with SyncWords?

Momento has partnered up with SyncWords to offer real-time captions for multilingual virtual events held on Momento’s platform.


Syncwords’ real-time communication solution connects multilingual audiences for any event held on Momento in a few simple steps. By removing the need for on-site equipment and eliminating interpreters’ travel costs, SyncWords supports global enterprises with secure, accurate language captions translation from anywhere.

How the solution works

When the event starts, Syncwords brings the live stream of your event on Momento into its Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) platform. Meanwhile, interpreters working on SyncWord’s interpreter soft console are watching and listening to the speaker while translating in real-time. Their real-time interpretation is then streamed to the SyncWords caption language selector widget on the Momento platform.

How it works for event organizers and administrators

Request live translation from SyncWords for your upcoming multilingual event on Momento. Once SyncWords has scheduled your event, you can simply embed the SyncWords HTML iframe widget into your webcast page and position it next to the video stream. Your event will then display a language selection droplist and be ready to provide real-time caption interpreting to your audience in the language of their choice. 

How your attendees access live caption translation

Your attendees join the session on Momento and select their preferred caption language from the embedded SyncWords widget.

An interpreter will deliver all spoken content in the language selected by the attendee. All the attendee needs to do is to select the desired caption language to be able to read captions, while all visual content appears on the event interface.