How to manage the broadcasting of a virtual event easily?

There’s no doubt that virtual events are here to stay—during the remainder of the current global pandemic and long after. Holding events virtually helps businesses save on costs and opens the event up to tons of additional attendees, ensuring businesses will continue to draw on virtual events in the future. Therefore, an easy-to-use platform will […]

Here are a bunch of «hidden» ideas for your virtual events

Having exciting content, get the right virtual platform, use passionate speakers and use interactive features are just some ideas that could improve your upcoming virtual event. If you recently got a virtual event after sitting out the pandemic you might be missing out on some easy ways to get more done and faster. Virtual events […]

Virtual event planning in COVID-19 times

Virtual event planning has become very difficult during covid times. Circumstances caused by the pandemic forced event planners to get creative and find new ways to function. And in most cases, they understood that creativity is the main feature of event planners. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a change in the lifestyle of all of […]